Discord Event: Minecraft Build Competition

On Thursday, April 7, we held a server Minecraft Build off which was a lot of fun. We saw 2 of our Admins compete, Ash (General Manager) and Mats (Technical Manager), as well as one of our Free Fellows, compete. With Maxi (Admin), Rei (Community Team Lead), and Caitlyn (Gaming Team) to judge the builds. The competitors were given two challenges, following the themes of Seasons and a pond. We saw some amazing creations come from these members! If you want to see them for yourself join the discord and the MC Server; they are just off Spawn!

Thank you to all those that participated, and if you want to be part of our next event, please join our Discord. I hope to see you there!

Ash (Any Pronouns)
General Manager | Laurenzo.co 

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