What is the Free Fellows Program?

The Free Fellows Program is a sponsorship that supports LGBTQ+ teens living in homophobic and/or transphobic homes.

This sponsorship offers teens who qualify a free and safe space of belonging in the Laurenzo Community.

Our sponsored teens—also known as Free Fellows—are selected through an application process based on their exceptional character in line with our community values integrity, kindness, respect, courage, and empathy, as well as need. Free Fellows and their sponsors have access to a shared Discord space within the Laurenzo Community where they may connect with each other. Additionally, Free Fellows enjoy a wide variety of perks. Details below.

Apply via the button below. (Applications are currently Open! for June 2022! Succesful applicants will be emailed on 28th June 2022)
*When applying please read all instructions carefully*

Perks as a Free Fellow

Discord Access

You gain entry to our basic Discord perks and The Free Fellows Community where you will get to meet other Free Fellows and Teen Sponsors.


You will be invited to our monthly events run by our Laurenzo Team Managers. We offer a wide variety of events that are always a great time!

A Safe Place

Our Discord is a safe place to meet like-minded people and be accepted for who you are, no matter how you identify.

Meet LGBTQ+ People

Meet LGBTQ+ people around the world. You will have the opportunity to interact with individuals your own age as well as different age groups.

Monthly Newsletter

Gain access to our monthly newsletter with updates about our Discord, Events, LGBTQ+ News, and our Community Newsletter Submissions.

Leadership Opportunities

Many of our members wish to lead in various capacities (i.e. Moderators, Writers Team, Gaming Team, Creative Arts Team, and our Pride Team!)

Contact us!