Here at Laurenzo & Co., we are committed to fostering global communities of belonging by exemplifying qualities of integrity, courage, kindness, empathy, and intercultural competence.

Laurenzo (they/them)

CEO & Laurenzo Community Founder

My mission as a Content Creator is to educate the general public on issues of gender and sexuality and to affirm and encourage LGBTQ+ individuals around the world. In 2020, I received my PhD in Italian Studies at The Ohio State University with specializations in Film Studies, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The three pillars that guide my work are ARTIST, ADVOCATE, EDUCATOR.

Ash (any pronouns)

General Manager

I am the General Manager here at, I also manage and run the Laurenzo Community Discord. This Community has offered me somewhere to be myself, to grow as a person, and to impact the lives of others by providing a safe, fun and loving family for everyone globally. Outside of this company, I am employed as a Nurse specialising in Acute care Medical, Rehabilitation. Mental Health & Surgical. I enjoy animals, nature, books and gaming!

Maxi (They/He)

Assistant General Manager

I am the Assistant General Manager here at I assist with all general business and Discord tasks. I joined the community as a Free Fellow and loved my experience. Outside of the community, I work for pride events as well as for Subway. I am trans, a demi boy, and ace with a passion for all things pride/queer-related and enjoy making music! In addition, I am currently studying for my Doctor of Medicine.

Mats (he/him)

Technical Manager

I am the Technical-Manager here in the Community, so I manage all day-to-day technical stuff and am the contact person for any technical issues that might occur. Apart from my duties here in the community, I am studying IT at a University here in Germany and run my own small IT-company. In my free time I like to mostly play video games, watch movies or tv shows (mostly science fiction, lol) or learn new things. I love travelling and seeing different parts of the world and exploring other cultures.

Raine (she/her)

Writers Team Manager

I'm the Writers Team Manager for the Laurenzo.Co Community. I have been writing for several years, both formally and creatively, including having won contests in my region. Outside of writing, I'm currently studying Business at university and enjoy reading and art.

Caspian (they/them)

Gaming Team Manager

As Gaming Manager, I stream the Laurenzo Community Game Nights on our community YouTube channel. I am an artist and musician, and love to play video games in my free time. I am non-binary and gray-ace. I am currently studying for a degree in the Arts. I also have a feisty little leopard gecko named Frank.

coming soon ...

Events Manager

Our Events Manager position is open. We are actively looking for applicants through our Discord.

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Creative Arts Team Manager

Our Creative Arts Manager position is open. We are actively looking for applicants through our Discord.

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