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No one should grow up feeling unsafe or unloved. We desire to positively impact as many lives as possible by creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ youth to be themselves and thrive. Since Laurenzo, Ash, and Maxi grew up in homophobic and transphobic homes, they were particularly inspired to create this global online space of love and belonging. 

Throughout 2021, we had a total of 1,500 applicants. We accepted anywhere between 25% to 35 % of applications each month. Each month, we accept new Free Fellows based on their demonstration of our Laurenzo Community values: integrity, kindness, respect, courage, and empathy.

Your donation to the Free Fellows Program goes towards paying for a Free Fellow's membership for a full year. This membership gives them access to our basic Discord perks and The Free Fellows Community.

As General Manager, I was drawn to Laurenzo.co's mission: to foster global communities of belonging by exemplifying qualities of integrity, courage, kindness, empathy, and intercultural competence. Laurenzo demonstrates a great passion for this community.  This Community has offered me somewhere to be myself, to grow as a person, and to impact the lives of others by providing a safe, fun and loving family for everyone globally. Thank you for all of your generous sponsorships! We are so grateful to do the work that we love.


I joined this server through the Free Fellow Program because I needed a community that would accept me for who I am, but it has turned into much more than that working within the Moderators team and now stepping up as Assistant General Manager. I have made some of my best friends within the Community. My experience is thanks to the welcoming and kind nature that we strive for here at Laurenzo.co. 

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